Sunday, 14 July 2013

To Aru Kagaku Railgun S - 14


She is not alone, no matter how one looks at the situation. However, though weighted down by her own plight, along with her Sister's, Misaka continues to make the moral decision of leaving out her friends. Whether she's worried about them getting hurt (possibly killed) on her behalf, I can't help but notice her every action is driven by the sheer belief she herself is responsible for everything, and only the Railgun can be allowed to solve the problem. Fortunately, a certain, amnesiac idiot manages to instill some common sense, and lateral thinking into her. Fate brought the two together, and a sequence of coincidences may lead to the ultimate, and unlikely resolution to Misaka's long running problems.

Lately, I've been lazy when it came to downloading Railgun S. Taking Zabuton's coverage of Railgun S for granted, I was left struggling to catch up to the latest Railgun S release after an unfortunate problem meant he couldn't review this week. Due to this, I'd forgotten how awesome the Railgun S OP was, and felt invigorated upon seeing it again. Quite strange that they decided to stick to the OP throughout the season, but they might change it after the Sister's Arc ends. Well, whatever.

In my recent Gen'ei review, I think I mentioned my brain got fried by 1080p HD. It was so beautiful. Even though Railgun S was 720p, animation-wise, it was superior. My brain got warped to another dimension, it truly was amazing. Despite the fact an old storyline from Index was being used here, the superior quality in art style, and just other general things made this a completely novel experience for me. Of course, I couldn't expect any less from JC Staff, who've become my second favourite animation studio.

This episode, one of my favourite moments in anime ever was reanimated. For various reasons, that was Touma's confrontation of Misaka on the bridge. Suffice to say, it’s an emotional confrontation―one that demonstrates the toll that this entire arc has had on Misaka. Indeed, everything here shows the trauma she’s had to deal with, and how she arguably isn’t thinking clearly at this point. Wanting someone to blame her, wanting to willingly sacrifice herself to try and stop the experiment, thinking that Touma’s whole purpose in coming was to make her pay, questioning her worth, believing that her death would definitely stop the plan, thinking that the world has no place for someone like her anymore… all of this is the culmination of the last 13+ episodes and again, although many of us knew this was coming, it doesn’t lessen the impact at all.

With that said, all of the above just makes what Touma did―his refusal to let her pass  while deciding not to raise his fist, or more notably, not use the Imagine Breaker at all.  He ends up being the person that forces Misaka to calm down, and realize how she’s acting purely on emotion and not necessarily doing this as much for her sisters as she is for herself. With this, he pulls her back down to Earth so to speak, and gives her that chance to finally cry and let out the emotions she’s kept inside all this time.

As I said I really liked this new, revised version of the events from Index. Very little was changed in terms of events or dialogue, but better animation and art direction give the events more gravity than the first time around. The emotions combined with the soundtrack for this episode made this the best episode out of the 4 seasons of To Aru Universe that JC Staff has done so far. Looking forward to the next few episodes, especially the showdown between Touma & Accelarator, yet again one of my favourite moments in anime. This season’s been nice so far..It doesn’t feel rushed, nor does it feel dragged out. With impeccable pacing, this show has already beaten Shingeki no Kyojin in my books, since that one has been all over the place for me. No question, this episode was episode of the year for me thus far, and there's a chance the next episode might exceed it!

P.S. Pictures will come later

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